Unique Bamboo Area Rug

Bamboo Area Rug Shapes

If we have a room that we want to cover with a large bamboo area rug but we cannot find one that adapts to the area, a simple and easy option is to make the carpet ourselves. The process is very simple, and the materials necessary for it are easy to find. The first thing we should do is make a composition of how we want the carpet to be. To do this, we will place the different pieces of carpet on the surface to be covered.

Once we have the composition that we want, we are going to turn over all the pieces since we are going to have to join them by the bottom (inside out). To join the different bamboo area rug, we will use glued paper tape. Having already a base of adhesive or adhesive, it will be enough to apply heat so that the adhesive grabs the different pieces and the one to each other.

It is important that the different pieces of carpet are well joined together and that there are no gaps. When we have it ready, we will apply the heat with the iron. It should be dry heat and it will have to be done little by little and gently so that the tail is fixed well. Once the glued paper tape has cooled, we can turn over the new bamboo area rug we have created.

Visual Inspiration of Unique Bamboo Area Rug

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